We are Chartered Professional Accountants specializing in taxation. We serve a variety of industries ranging from professionals to importers/wholesalers and from manufacturers to franchisees.
Our principal, Victor Lee Chartered Professional Accountant, has extensive experience in many areas of taxation. He is an expert in dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency consistently obtaining the best possible results for his clients. He has completed the CPA Canada In-depth Tax Course which is the most prestigious and demanding tax course in Canada.
Besides practising as a tax specialist, he has been involved in the following professional activities.
  • Developing exam and curriculum for CPA Canada
  • Delivering professional development and training seminars
  • Teaching taxation at universities and colleges
  • Writing tax articles for professional magazines
We offer a free initial 30 minute consultation to find out if we can assist you with your tax issues. Contact us at victor@leecga.ca or 416-268-1892